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Compare BackUPMAX Editions
Highlights Personal Business
Number of Computers Unlimited Unlimited
Workstations Yes Yes
Windows Servers No Yes
File Retention (How long will files be kept after I erase them?) 7 days-10 yrs Unlimited
Scheduling Daily RealTime OnDemand Unlimited
Multiple Backup Sets No Unlimited
Web Based Restore Yes No
Email Notifications of Backup Status Yes Yes
Backups and Restores Personal Business
Multi-Version Snapshots No Yes
Point in Time Restores No Yes
Automatic Backups Yes Yes
On Demand Backups Yes Yes
Auto-Build Full Restore from Multiple Incremental Backups Yes Yes
Supported Operating Systems Personal Business
MacOS X Yes No
Windows Vista Yes Yes
Windows XP Yes Yes
Windows 2000 Yes Yes
Windows Server 2000 No Yes
Windows Server 2003 No Yes
Supported File Types Personal Business
All Selected Files and Folders Yes Yes
MS Exchange (Mailbox Level) No Yes
Music and Video Yes Yes
Photographs Yes Yes
MS SQL Server (Table Level) No Yes
MS Active Directory No Yes
MS System State No Yes
Open and Locked Files (Windows) Yes Yes
Outlook .PST Yes Yes
Backup Security Personal Business
448-bit Blowfish Client-side Encryption Yes Yes
Private Key (Secret) Encryption Optional Yes
Encrypted File Transfer Yes Yes
Encrypted on Server (BackUPMAX cannot view data.) Yes Yes
Private Encryption Key (only customer has it) Yes Yes
Remote Security Suite (Included in the Personal Edition) Personal Business
Military-grade Remote File Shredding Yes No
Remote File Erasure Yes No
Remote File Encryption Yes No
Capture Full Computer Environmental Information Yes No
Take a Picture of Thief with Onboard Camera Yes No
Geolocation Information for Computer Recovery Yes No
Administration Personal Business
Storage Pooling No Yes
Web-Based Backup Management Yes Group Accounts
Web Portal for Managing Multiple Clients No Yes
Our Data Centers Personal Business
Twin Data Centers, Fully Mirrored through Dedicated Lines Yes Yes
Mutliple Redundant Internet Connections Yes Yes
Access Limited by Access Card Yes Yes
Cameras Yes Yes
Dual Redundant Alarm Systems Yes Yes
Backup Generators Yes Yes
Climate Control with Backup Units Yes Yes
Automatic Fire Supression Yes Yes
Smart Firewalls Yes Yes
Daily Exterior Vulnerability Audit Yes Yes
Intrusion Detection & Countermeasures Yes
Daily Interior Vulnerability Audit Yes Yes
Optional Services and Features Personal Business
OEM Version Available Yes Yes
Seed Loading Available (Load first backup via USB Drive) No Yes
Bulk Accounts Yes Yes
Partnership Opportunities Yes Yes
Robust Affiliate Program Yes Yes
Data Center Software Available for Licensing Yes Yes
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